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Electric Utility Solutions

CartoPac has partnered with EDM, a leader in electric utility standards and best practices, to deliver the most complete set of mobile software applications and solutions providing the highest value and the fastest return on investment.

CartoPac embraces a “one software, many solutions” strategy for the electric utility industry that includes the best technology foundation, support for a broad range of mobile devices and sensors, continually expanding features and functionality requested by the industry and an experienced team of mobile professionals to partner with to maximize the results and value delivered to your organization.

Complete Technology Foundation

CartoPac has a complete set of tools for configuring, deploying, integrating and managing enterprise mobile solutions.  Our configuration tools, CartoPac Server, CartoPac Studio and CartoPac Workflow Manager deliver the most complete and robust functionality within a proven set of configuration tools

Mobile Devices and Sensors

CartoPac supports a broad range of mobile devices and external sensors used to maximize the value of the data collected in the field.  We support a full range of GPS accuracies, external sensors including laser range finders, line locators and bar code scanners.

Electric Utility Specific Workflows

EDM has configured multiple templates to assist companies with implementing proven workflows supporting best practices for the collection and inspection needs surrounding the high priority electric utility assets.

  • Pole-top inspection
  • Wood pole groundline inspection
  • Transmission ground patrol
  • Substation inspection
  • Vegetation/ROW condition assessment
  • Underground facility inspection
  • Pole attachment & equipment inventory

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us and we can show you similar workflows from other industries or explore how we can configure a solution to your specific requirements.